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Villa Pavlina



We are a small family business . our apartments are selfcatering , that means that we provide you with the supplies you need to take care the apartment like if it is yours. we try very hard every year to give you and to our apartments new amenities , and we listen to your requests as to what we need to improve and make it better, so you can have beautifull and relaxed vacations. we like to thank you for your interest in our villa and we hope to see you every year and for many years, we dont see you as clients but as friends and we want you to have a good time and come again.


“The is no place in the world like your home!! ” Our Business wanting to do real this phrase, has created houses that make you feel like your home. And decause we are primarily interested in making friendships, we personally welcome our guests so that they feel at home for the first time, in a familiar environment!!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

We are in a small village of nearly 500 people. We are proud to be the birthtown of Aristotele the great philosopher. Ancient Stagira , the birthtown of Aristotele, is at 500 meters from our small port. you can visit it by feet , and take a walk arround to see the ruins of once great city…we will be happy to show you arround. just ask.we also have a small island accross the beach at 2,5 miles. You can take a small boat that takes you there and go swimming ,diving or expore the small island and discover the remainings of some ancient ruins of the ancient city of Stagira. All arround our small vilage are very interesting places to visit .. ask for more informations at our reception . and dont forget the beautifull beaches for all ages. you will find the perfect beach just for you. Ask and we wll show it to you.. all you need is to come and visit us. we will be waitting.

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